Painting Summer Vibes

I have always been creative and a little obsessed with making things look good. As a kid you would always find me drawing something. I had done a few paintings in my late teens but after entering the work force as a tradie I gave up painting and drawing.

It wasn’t until I was 28 that I had the idea of being an artist and after struggling to find an artwork for our apartment I decided to paint one myself. It was so well received by family and friends that my wife suggested that I should be an artist. I was not loving my job at the time so I thought why not!

2 months later I was selling prints at a local market and then 18 months later I quit my job and became a full time artist. Since then I have managed to open a public studio in East Brisbane and my wife Tracy has started working full time in the business with me.

“My work is all inspired by mid century architecture and palm springs. I love light, colour and shadows and palm springs has all of that!”

What I Enjoy The Most About Being An Artist.......

I became a full time artist in 2019 and what I have loved the most is that everyday I get to go into my studio/gallery and create artworks. My second passion is learning so when I paint I listen to podcasts. I have learnt more in the last few years than I have the rest of my life and I owe that to being an artist.

The Most Common Questions I Get Asked..

Is Being An Artist Your Full Time Job?

Yes, I became a full time artist in 2019 and was the best decision I ever made! I now paint in my studio/gallery nearly every day.

Do You Paint Commissions?

Yes, but I only accept 2 commissions per month and I only do commissions that are based on my current style/subject matter.

Can I See Your Work In Person?

Yes, my gallery/studio is located at 60 Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo, Brisbane and open by appointment. Get in touch on 0421 483 579 to book a visit.

If You Have Any Questions Get In Touch....